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The North Fork School
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The North Fork School has been accredited since 2003 by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

Our students combine challenging course work in mathematics and the humanities with their McCall-Donnelly public school schedules.

Class links at the bottom of this page lead to pages with specific information for each class this year. For a general description of class curricula, click on the box icon marked "Program Descriptions" below, then follow the links to each specific program.

To learn more about our programs, go to:

Philosophy & Mission * * * Program Descriptions * * * Online Applications

After our on-site visit in December, 2011, the NWAC Visitation Team wrote that they were "very impressed with the extent of individual long-term longitudinal data that was used to assist students in monitoring their growth and providing the evidence that high quality rigorous learning was taking place."

"The North Fork School is commended for developing a culture of mutual respect and support, which generates a sense of personal investment in student success. This in turn manifests a personal investment by the students in their own learning and they develop a deep commitment to excellence and to performing at a higher level."

"Students who meet the expectations of the instructors for attendance and work ethic perform at high levels and are rewarded with confidence and the ability to transfer these skills to programs at their regular school and in their everyday life as well."

"The North Fork School is commended for providing students with high quality instruction that is based on the individual needs of students that are personalized, engaging, and also builds confidence and life-long skills for success."

Links to class pages for 2013-2014:

WW 2013-2014

1st Year 2013-2014

English II 2013-2014

AP Literature 2013-2014

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