3rd Year Program 2017-2018


by Emme Richards

Taste victory:
sweet and addictive
like sweet strawberry soda.
Hard work results in a
nice reward.

Victory tastes like iron;
the blood of fallen
friends or foes.
Winning over competition
offers addictive power.


by Jaeda Moyer

Taste anger: trickling
down the esophagus
like a flaming Carolina Reaper.
Smelling like burnt poison ivy, each
pain swallowed, choked down;
every last bit of torturous emotion
boils your insides,
scarring delicate tissue,
leaving only
a tasteless pile of ash.


by Sarah Morgan

Black understands white,
possessing white's lack, as it
absorbs all colors.
Rainbows disappear in a black sky;
a paintbrush is useless
on charcoal canvas.
White just sits, empty.

White understands black, as it
reflects all colors,
revealing the rainbow.
Everything is visible in white.
Black mourns what it cannot be.


by Emme Richards

Poverty immerses itself in wealth,
as homeless men
wish they were wearing suit and tie.
Regretting their bad decisions:
wasting money,
abandoning a family,
ignoring advice of school teachers.

Wealth unveils poverty:
tie wearers and suit adorners
wish their lives were as full as
those of street people who
smoke cannabis,
drink exotic liquors,
take Caribbean vacations, keeping
but little money in banks;
enjoying life while young.

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Class Resources:

Link to: Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of the Red Death
H.G. Wells: The Time Machine
William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels
William Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part I
William Shakespeare: Othello
William Shakespeare: The Tempest

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