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New words: a propos, au courant, bete noire, carte blanche, de rigueur, deja vu, fait accompli, faux pas, idee fixe, joie de vivre, laissez-faire, outre, raison d'etre, rendevous, savoir-faire, tete-a-tete, vis-a-vis, expound

Competition Day

by Kiki Eckhart

Gliding onto the ice, I could feel my legs start to shake. Weak and scared, I felt as if one hundred butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach. I skated to my position, and all I could think about was what the judges were going to say. Had I not been preparing for five months to perform perfectly, I would have been much more nervous.

All of the past few months had been filled with training, comprising four lessons, as well as six one-hour practices a week. Working to get better by always putting in an extra effort, I knew I could meet my goal to skate my best. My schedule was always crammed with all the extra time I needed to spend at the rink. My positive attitude every day before I stepped out on the ice assisted my realizing how well I could do. I persevered through all of this exhausting, hard work to be successful.

The pressure that I put on myself, as well as pressure from my coach, from the judges, from my parents was the hardest part. Standing on the ice, I glanced at all the excited faces reflecting a desire for me to do well. Seeing my coach, my friends, and my family anticipating what was about to happen was impeccably nerve-wracking.

The loud cheers when I landed my first double jump gave me a sense of confidence. Witnessing my coach smile when I perfectly executed my first combo spin diminished my nerves. When it was all over, I realized how much all the hours I had spent skating helped. In the end, the feeling of accomplishment I had was the biggest win of all.


by Sarah Morgan

Bright orange flames flicker
like ballet dancers lighting a dark stage.
A subtle glow lights our faces.
We all lean close,
hoping warmth will travel through cold bodies.
Late into the night, when the moon is high,
dancers tire. Slowly lessening,
each warm glow fades;
darkness consumes us.

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Class Resources:

Link to: Shakespeare's Sonnets

Link to: Metaphysical Poets. This website introduces you to this 17th-century school of poets, and offers web links for further research.

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Story notes & play outlines from 2012 >>>

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Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of the Red Death
H.G. Wells: The Time Machine
William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
Jonathan Swift: Gulliver's Travels
William Shakespeare: Henry IV, Part I
William Shakespeare: Othello
William Shakespeare: The Tempest

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by Sarah Morgan

Each story fills my summer days with joy - -
away from deep heat of the blazing sun.
I'd rather read than go play with a toy;
but other kids are outside having fun.
A daydream, to me that's what reading seems:
surrounded by each scene inside a book.
I follow characters through every scene.
and by the end I usually am shook.
Most other kids think libraries are bleak.
When I hear this, it puts me in a rage.
They read, then they think they'll become a geek
I tell them to go try just the first page.
A state of mind that thinks books are so dumb:
I'll make you try them and you will succumb!


by Emme Richards

Small finches perch upon the windowsill:
the rising sun warms every little head.
A hungry robin searches for its kill;
each worm stares down at hungry birds with dread.
A line of evergreens stands tall and firm.
The bright star lies against the rising sky.
A spider's web glistens at every turn;
the falling dew ruins where she will lie.
A den of rabbits starts to move and stir - -
some rays of light shine down upon the world.
My little house cat licks and grooms its fur;
the carpet hosts the dog with tail curled.
The sun rids earth of dark and quiet night,
beginning to make way for each new light.

Bag it Up

by Jaeda Moyer

Am I supposed to rake up all the leaves?
There is too much homework to go outside.
When dogs attack the pile - - that's my pet peeve!
If this happens, I start to lose my pride.
As I scoop up each colorful leaf pile,
the need to buy some garbage bags looms near.
When they are filled, it makes me want to smile;
then I begin my fun ecstatic cheer.
Successfully, I pick up the large sack,
to tie before it can crazily spill.
Now I must throw it over my worn back,
and climb up every treacherous tall hill.
When this long Monday is finally done,
it would be great to go for a slow run.

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1st Semester Unfinished Pieces

                Revisions = 46/72
                Edits = 5/12

revised application essay

PINK poetry

                Revisions = 46/72
                Edits = 6/12

3 descriptive/comparative paragraphs
revised application essay

PINK poetry

                Revisions = 65/72
                Edits = 8/12

GREEN poetry: Tanka, Cinquain, Limericks

                Revisions = 57/72
                Edits = 5/12

3 descriptive/comparative paragraphs
revised application essay

PINK poetry

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