Writing Workshop 2016-2017
(2nd & 3rd graders)

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by Jasmine Robertson

Spinning the dial;
satisfying to call someone.

Smart phone:
texting, playing games.
Can't spell on it.

Drawing rectangle
Coloring and erasing
Love doodling many ideas

Oval circle
Sits all day
So sad and lonely


by Jasmine Robertson

Tree so white in snow:
black hole on earth in tree shape.
When rain splashes down,
melting icicles away
banishing silhouettes home!

Bad Kitty's antics
make everyone laugh so much.
Hilarious cat.
Always freaks out at bath time.
Hates getting licked by puppy.


by Jasmine Robertson

A lot of water
drips slowly in clean gutters
flowing to cold sea.

One evil rooster
chased Mark through snowy pasture.
Boss: Mr. Rooster.

Bicycle machines
go too fast for little girls.
Hard to stay on bike.

So much fun inside
with happy friends like Kiki.
Computer Roblox.


(by J. R.)

loves her cat Cosmo,
oh, the sweetest cat in the world. Who knew
that Writing Workshop Fibonacci is
really math! Jasmine
loves math!
Painting makes her calm. At the
ocean, she found a tiny
crab leg in the sand.
She skates her heart out,
but her favorite sport
of all is ........


by Jasmine Robertson

Once a lazy sloth
always read books for fun.
His brother, the flexible
squirrel, ran and worked out
like a maniac
on the rain forest floor.
Inch by inch
the sloth hovered over
the squirrel's workout:


and ready





                                        squishy ground.


by Jasmine Robertson

One Saturday morning, it was such a nice day. I was playing in the back of Mark's truck, swinging with a rope - - back and forth. It was winter and I took the rope that was in the back of the truck from the donkey rescue and tied it to the railings. I swung back and forth on the bed of the truck. I saw my dog, Chunkers, playing with Mandy, our other dog. I hate them wrestling, so I broke them up. I called Chunkers and he came, but he made a crack in the tailgate. Usually I get out over that top of the tailgate, but the tailgate flung me out and I landed on soft, powdered snow that covered ICE!!!

I had no idea that anything was wrong with me because I was not crying. So I went inside to throw up. But I didn't. So I went to tell Mark about what had happened. I was in shock. It looked like I was cold, but I wasn't. My mom is an EMT, so I know what shock is. I decided to go to the ER, and I slept on the way down.

At the ER, they took x-rays on me. It hurt bad when they moved my arm. Then I took a nap for forty-five minutes. I waited for thirty minutes for Dr. Showalter to decide if I needed surgery or a cast. He wanted us to come back the next week.

The next week came, and we got a cast instead of surgery. For the whole month of March, Dr. Showalter doesn't want me to jump or do P.E., running, skating, exercise, or workouts. A new doctor put a hot pink cast on my arm. Having a cast is ok, but you don't want to break the arm again. When I am cold, it feels pretty weird. I can feel my goosebumps pushing the cast. Dr. Showalter will let me walk, read, and do schoolwork. BORING!!!

I did not learn anything from breaking my arm. I know one thing. It is . . . . . . . drumroll . . . . . . . . . being more careful in the back of any truck.

Silent Day

by Jasmine Robertson

Snow looks like white dots falling
from the sky. In McCall
snow hides the lake
under layers of ice.
Snowflakes melt in my
hand, and drop water
on my cat's head.
Silence makes the clouds
Icicles freeze my
brain. The chicks play in
white flakes. Snow
smells like winter.

Spy Space

by Jasmine Robertson

In Marie's scary closet, there's a squeaky door and lots, lots, lots, lots of books. Chapter books, storybooks, 1,000's of folders, binders, and textbooks sit on shelves staring at you, saying, "Read me!" Seventy-eight art supplies, such as tape, pens, more pens, one thousand pens, paintbrushes, sand, colored pencils, highlighters, and sticky notes stay there until students are ready to draw. Whoa!!! That's a lot of art supplies and books!

That's all the big number stuff in Marie's storage closet - - the other items are: two bags of toilet paper, two rolls of paper towels, six swords, one pirate hat, four skating dresses, three life vests, and twenty-one games that kids can play all day. Two poster boards tell people to come in or go out. Two buckets of sand, with some fake flower crowns, a Frisbee, and one tiny hockey stick all are ready to be played with.

Marie's closet is very cold - - you can feel it through your socks. It smells like 1,000 books ready to be read. The sand makes it smell like the beach in summer. It's COLD in the air there, and I mean FREEZING. I like Marie's closet because it has many supplies that can be used someday.

Please have your students read books from the 4th-6th Grade Reading List during the year. If they want to, they can also select books from the 7th-8th Grade Reading List .

Remember that these lists are not an indication of reading level, but are created to give students a background for their upcoming years of study at the NFS. Please do NOT have children read books from lists that are in their reading level, but above their NFS class level.

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To see who has signed up for 2016-2017 classes,
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2010-2011 Supplies

No supply needs this year! Just come to class and enjoy what we do!

You may want to leave a fleece or sweatshirt & warm socks or slippers at the NFS site: we have a no-shoe policy, and it can be chilly, especially on Mondays.

Class snacks and hot drink mixes are kept in a separate cupboard for each class, so bring in your favorites to share.

Course Description

Classes will follow a Writing Workshop format, focused on process rather than product. Students will receive a binder "portfolio" for the class, in which all math, French, drama, and science projects, as well as artworks and written pieces will be indexed. Student portfolios are a key component of documenting student achievement.

How process-oriented learning works:

In Writing Workshop, students learn to select writing topics, draft, edit, give and receive response, revise, redraft, and refine their writing at their own pace.

Students have a "draft folder" in which they keep all drafts of their work. Included in the folder is a personalized "skills list" -- a list of grammatical or technical errors that have occurred in each student's writings, and for which the student agrees to be responsible in future edits.

Students typically rework two or three drafts of a piece, receiving response from peers, before they turn in a draft for "teacher editing". At this point, the piece is as polished as they can make it. Often, two or more drafts are necessary before the piece can go into the student's "final folder".

Teacher/peer or group response provides students with feedback on a piece as it is being written, when such help is most useful to them. One of the great advantages of Writing Workshop is that students are not assigned topics; by choosing what and how they write, they become incredibly invested in their pieces.

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