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Fidget Spinners

by Gabriell Shafer
(2nd grade)

Fidget spinners are fun, because they spin fast. I love how they spin. They sound like: eeeek! They can spin for two days. You can spin them with me - - we can spin them together. They have three points, which you flick to spin them.


by Maddison Keplinger
(2nd grade)

I love to slide on the ice probably more than everybody. I love to ice skate with my friends: come and skate with me! We will have a great time together. Ice skating is as fun as going down water slides. I love to do my favorite tricks, like one-foot glides. I love to do them so much. Come and glide on the ice with me. My blades sound like: cccch.


by Nina Giddings
(4th grade)

My pets are Fluffy my bunny, Stormaggedon and Houdini, my kittens, and Mr. Bubbles my fish. Out of all those pets, Fluffy's the best: he has a little pink nose and soft fur. He's adorable.

My bunny Fluffy is very soft. He likes to travel, but doesn't like the driving. He feels like a stuffed animal, and smells like dirt. He doesn't make any sound, but is the size a picture book, and is black and white.

Stormaggedon and Houdini, my cats, are orange, and feel like soft blankets. They smell like tuna, and like to be petted, but they don't like to be held. We found them on the side of the road. They are new members of the family.

Our fish, Mr. Bubbles, is our oldest pet. Fish wake up with any quiet sound. He feels like a snake and is red and blue. He's a Beta fish, and has big eyes.


by Kenneth Weinrauch
(2nd grade)

Daddy played in the sun:
it was so fun,
he didn't want to be done.

The fun bear was so sad,
he didn't like to be mad.
He wanted to play with his dad.

The yellow dog couldn't be seen –
he was as small as a bean,
and didn't like to see a machine.


by Jasmine Robertson
(3rd grade)

Snuggling is so much fun with my cat Cosmo. He can be a pill sometimes, because Cosmo is a stubborn cat. My cat is as stubborn as a rhino. I like snuggling with Cosmo because he is as big and fluffy as a wooly mammoth. All we care about when we snuggle my cat is that we love him and he loves us.

When my cat purrs, Cosmo sounds like a motorcycle going down the highway. But my cat is truly singing a song. He sings: "I love you, yes, it is truuuue. I doooooo!" Now that's why I like snuggling with my cat Cosmo.

Please have your students read books from the 4th-6th Grade Reading List during the year. If they want to, they can also select books from the 7th-8th Grade Reading List .

Remember that these lists are not an indication of reading level, but are created to give students a background for their upcoming years of study at the NFS. Please do NOT have children read books from lists that are in their reading level, but above their NFS class level.

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colorful, pretty
disappearing, curving, floating
long, big, droplets, cotton
snowing, raining, shading
fluffy, puffy

Maddison Keplinger (2nd grade)

complicated, fun
folding, making, looking
square, paper, triangular, bearing
fidgeting, spinning, sparking
fun, active
Fidget Spinners

Gabriell Shafer (2nd grade)

bright, hot
shining, burning, spinning
star, orb, rock, satellite
freezing, spinning, orbiting

Kenneth Weinrauch (2nd grade)

hot, bright
burning, building, catching
pit, blaze, water, cloud
dripping, floating, falling
cold, wet

Nina Giddings (4th grade)

bossy, pretty
singing, demanding, ruling
girl, crown, cape, boy
bossing, walking, eating
clean, exciting

Nina Giddings (4th grade)

big, cozy
playing, sleeping, eating
building, house, classrooms, teachers
learning, reading, writing
fun, easy

Kenneth Weinrauch (2nd grade)

green, fuzzy
inching, munching, crawling
leaves, cocoons, pretty, decorative
fluttering, flapping, floating
delicate, beautiful

Maddison Keplinger (2nd grade)

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2017-2018 Supplies

No supply needs this year! Just come to class and enjoy what we do!

You may want to leave a fleece or sweatshirt & warm socks or slippers at the NFS site: we have a no-shoe policy, and it can be chilly, especially on Mondays.

Class snacks and hot drink mixes are kept in a separate cupboard for each class, so bring in your favorites to share.

Course Description

Classes will follow a Writing Workshop format, focused on process rather than product. Students will receive a binder "portfolio" for the class, in which all math, French, drama, and science projects, as well as artworks and written pieces will be indexed. Student portfolios are a key component of documenting student achievement.

How process-oriented learning works:

In Writing Workshop, students learn to select writing topics, draft, edit, give and receive response, revise, redraft, and refine their writing at their own pace.

Students have a "draft folder" in which they keep all drafts of their work. Included in the folder is a personalized "skills list" -- a list of grammatical or technical errors that have occurred in each student's writings, and for which the student agrees to be responsible in future edits.

Students typically rework two or three drafts of a piece, receiving response from peers, before they turn in a draft for "teacher editing". At this point, the piece is as polished as they can make it. Often, two or more drafts are necessary before the piece can go into the student's "final folder".

Teacher/peer or group response provides students with feedback on a piece as it is being written, when such help is most useful to them. One of the great advantages of Writing Workshop is that students are not assigned topics; by choosing what and how they write, they become incredibly invested in their pieces.

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